Dumping is not an option!


Continued disposal of waste in the open is toxic and a biological time bomb for our ecology and future generations. It also wastes potential recycling of materials to reuse for the benefit of society.

Burning creates more problems!


While burning reduces the bulk of our waste, it also contributes to air and ground pollution.  Toxic vapors and ash are now regulated by air quality laws and burning is virtually prohibited in most industrialized countries.

Burying waste hides the threat!


While burying waste removes it from sight and contains the waste, but it relies on slow biological process to decompose waste.  The problem is that it doesn't decompose everything!  While it mitigates air pollution, it can be a threat to ground water pollution and taking valuable land away from other beneficial uses.

Recycling is better!

Recycling helps the environment and allows materials to be reused.  However, it only encourages recycling plastics, glass, and paper.  Other materials like paint, electronics, etc are still left to dispose of.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could really recycle everything?

ReFORMing provides the best solution!

The use of reforming technology can potentially allow the recycling of all materials and recovered to be used again.  Municipal waste, tires, electronics, coal, waste oil, hazardous materials could all be reformed into reusable form.  No dumps, no burning, no burying, and recycle everything!  Imagine turning waste into fuels, electricity, and fresh water!

More Details

KnightHawk-ETEC Applications

Synthetic FuelsKnightHawk-ETEC can produce a variety of synthetic fuels from waste.  These can include synthetic diesel, naphtha, and methanol.

Waste to WaterKnightHawk-ETEC can produce large quantities of distilled water as a byproduct of our waste converstion technologies.

Waste to ElectricityKnightHawk-ETEC is using its proprietary and patented technologies to handle the converstion of mulitple waste streams into electricity.

KnightHawk-ETEC Capabilities

TechnologyWe can provide assistance in chosing, specifiying, or design/build of technology to support information technology, and process control.

Automation/SIWe provide a range of capabilities to assist in automation and system integration needs.  Whether a new system or supporting older systems, we can help!

EngineeringWe offer a full spectrum of engineering capabilities.

Media Highlight


KnightHawk ETEC in Houston, Texas announces the availability of their new ReFORM© technology application for remediation of oil based drilling mud (OBDM)

Read more: energia.OBDM



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Remediation Project Awarded

KnightHawk ETEC has been contracted to provide engineering and equipment for remediation of Oil Based Drilling Mud.  The system will provide well site remediation of oil based drilling mud and fluids using our patent-pending technologies.

About Us




KH-ETEC is a Project Development Company in the Global Energy sector. KH-ETEC’s primary focus is its Waste Technology and to capitalize on additional opportunities in the "GREEN" energy sector. KH-ETEC’s ability to use its team of seasoned professionals with a broad range of experience, technological insight and applications give them the skills necessary to meet the demand on Global issues dealing with Hazardous Waste, MSW (municipal solid waste), and the ever increasing demand for clean Syn-fuels, electricity, and drinking water.

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